Saturday, May 27, 2017

IKGA Asian Bloc Seminar 2017

Report by: Gohei Yamaguchi Shihan, IKGA Asian Bloc Director

Recently, Thailand hosted the IKGA Asian Bloc Seminar from April 27 - May 1 2017. Last year the seminar was held in Malaysia where it was decided to conduct a seminar every year. Twelve countries participated, and this year a junior friendship tournament was held in addition to the technical seminar.

Seiji Murakami Shihan, together with Asian Bloc Coordinator, Kazuhiko Nobukane Shihan, coordinated this event as a memorial seminar for Tetsuo Sadahiro Shihan, who for many years spread the teaching of Gojukai Karatedo, but who unfortunately passed away in March 2017.

This year, instruction focused on changes in IKGA curriculum related to Kihon Dosa, Ohyo, Kata, Kumite Giho and Katabunkaikumite. Covering the complete curriculum, it was an exciting seminar filled with spirited training.

It's hoped that more people will participate in Asian Bloc Seminars in the future, promoting stronger international relationships, while furthering our technique through training with others.

Countries represented at the IKGA Asian Bloc Seminar:
Japan, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan.