Sunday, October 6, 2013

28th IKGA European Gasshuku in The Netherlands

Last Summer the 28th IKGA European Gasshuku was held in the Netherlands from 20 till 25 of July 2013. As always it was a very special event. The seminar was held under the supervision of Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi as well as European Bloc Director Hanshi Ingo de Jong. This year the seminar was organized by Goju Kai Karate do Nederland under the leadership of Kyoshi Jan van den Dries, Shibucho of the Netherlands.
The seminar was attended by thirteen European Shihans as well as 240 other participants. Special guests were Kyoshi Brian Mackie, Shibucho for Australia and Bloc Director for Oceania and his wife Gale. Saiko Shihan opened the seminar with a warm welcome and an inspirational speech. It was a wonderful start for all the Karateka’s and a great opportunity to train together and to catch up with friends.

The participants were divided into four different groups. Every morning afternoon they joined a two-hour training session, under the guidance of different Shihans. In the evening special classes for the Shihans were held as well.

The classes were of high standard and many aspects of Goju-ryu were brought to light. During the Gasshuku Dutch dojo-instructor Mario Gommel received his Shihan belt and the Renshi title from Saiko Shihan. The grading test for Shodan and above was attended by many participants. In total 17 people succeeded and received their certificates on the last day of the Gasshuku. Three students passed for Godan. Among them two women; Doris Berger from Switzerland and Nicole- Marie Luitwieler from the Netherlands as well as Mika Vlastislav Shibucho of the Czech Republic.  Both Nicole L. and Doris B. are the first women in Europe to receive such a high grade.

In preparation for the Gasshuku it was of utmost importance to Kyoshi Jan van den Dries, that the Gasshuku would run smoothly, so that everyone could just focus on the training itself. Kyoshi and his team did their best to make sure the organization of the seminar was taken care of perfectly. Furthermore it was Kyoshi’s idea to bring children from different nationalities together at the Gasshuku. This was done with the aim in mind to ensure that the future generations will preserve and respect the aims and ideals of Goju Kai Karate Do as laid down by our founder Gogen Yamaguchi Kaiso.

To support this goal a special children’s program was made available. The Karate classes were mixed with fun outdoor activities, accompanied and supervised by youth coordinators. This special program evoked many positive reactions.

In total the Netherlands has eleven dojo’s, all combined under the Dutch Karate-do Gojukai Association under the guidance of Kyoshi Jan van den Dries. The board of the Dutch Goju Kai considers social responsibility of utmost importance and likes to make a difference through being actively involved in social work. In preparations for the Gasshuku, shirts, bags and even the program booklets of the seminar were made available by a foundation that takes care of people with disabilities.

The board is very proud to be part of the Goju Kai family. “We really felt warm and positive vibes during the seminar, which made this annual event very special... Truly one of a kind...
Also we hope that the participants enjoyed the Sayonara party as much as we did. It certainly showed that we not only enjoy ourselves during training, but we have a lot of fun on the dance floor as well.

Pictures and movies can be watched on the Facebook page of this Gasshuku:

A short clip of the Gasshuku:

IKGA - Australia - Indonesia Joint Training

In July 2013, a joint training session was held with members from Australia visiting Indonesia. Despite some changes to the schedule, the camp was an outstanding success. The members enjoyed the training and it is certain that everyone took away many fond memories of the event.

Friday, September 6, 2013

IKGA Australia 50th Anniversary Seminar

IKGA Australia recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary. Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, as well as IKGA Vice Presidents Ingo DeJong Hanshi and Paul Starling Kyoshi joined Australia's Shibucho Brian Mackie Kyoshi and members of IKGA Australia for their celebration and seminar. A few pictures of this momentous event have been posted in the gallery.

Congratulations to all members of IKGA Australia, and all the best as you go forward into the next 50 years!
Congratulations IKGA Australia on your 50th Anniversary!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

IKGA News - August 2014

The various countries in IKGA Asia Bloc are continuing their preparations for the the upcoming World Championships in Mumbai, India in December. A number of IKGA countries' members have visited Japan this summer, including members from Macau, China, and Thailand.

Members from IKGA Indonesia plan to make a week-long trip to the Hombu in September. Our new members in Bangladesh have received books and DVDs to help their preparations for December. It should be an exciting event in India!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

IKGA News - July 2013

It is a busy season for Karate in Japan, and likewise, Hombu is also quite busy over the summer months. International visitors were in Japan during the last two weeks of May. Vispy Kapadia Shihan and members of IKGA India were at Hombu between May 18th and June 3rd for training. Several meetings about the World Championships in December were conducted and since Peter Brandon Hanshi was also in Japan during this time for other IKGA business he was able to help during some of our discussions.

Saiko Shihan has a very busy summer schedule ahead of him. In addition to a full domestic schedule, he also has two important trips abroad planned. He will be at the European Seminar in July, and then later will also be going to Australia in August for their 50th anniversary of IKGA membership.

Everyone in Japan is preparing for the JKGA All Japan Championships which will be held on August 24th. This year's tournament is special as it marks the 60th Memorial of Chojun Miyagi Sensei’s (Goju Ryu's Founder) passing.

We are also getting our members ready for the World Championships. This event will also mark Miyagi Sensei’s 60th Memorial so Saiko Shihan hopes as many people as possible participate. So far it looks like this will be a large and very prestigious event, but still there has been no response from several countries. With the hope that as many countries and as many participants as possible can participate, regardless of the size, Saiko Shihan hopes every country can send someone to India to take part. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

IKGA Canada 30th anniversary

On this occasion, the 30th Anniversary of the incorporation of International Karatedo Gojukai Association Canada, I am reflecting on the past.  Gojukai Karatedo first came to Canada with Yoshio Yamashita in 1976.  Sensei Yamashita had moved to Edmonton, and started teaching karate in that year.  So Gojukai Canada has roots several years before the Association was formally registered (in 1983) with the federal government as a not-for-profit Association.  The incorporation had just been completed, when I was asked to write the first bylaw and regulations.  Over the years, IKGA Canada has grown from one dojo to many, from a few students to many.  It is my privilege to have been involved in this growth.

I extend my thanks to all instructors past and present who contributed to the growth of the Gojukai in Canada.

On this occasion, I am also thinking of the future.  It is my belief that an Association is only as strong as its members, so I offer my encouragement to everyone to train yourselves correctly and treat others with courtesy.  There is a principle that disciplines of body and mind will change character, and it is thus important to choose a good ethical discipline.  I believe Gojukai Karatedo is one such discipline.

I am especially thankful to my sensei for putting my feet on a path that has become more and more interesting as the years pass.  Now I am in a position to help others stay on the path of Yamaguchi Gojuryu and the Gojukai.  With the guidance oSaiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, let’s all work together for an excellent future.

John Priegert
Shibucho, IKGA Canada

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

6th IKGA World Championships - Mumbai, India

For information about the upcoming IKGA World Championships in Mumbai, India, please visit Gojukai India's official website at

This event is open to IKGA members, and certainly not to be missed!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome to International Karatedo Gojukai Association!

Welcome to IKGA! Stay up to date with news from across IKGA. Follow this blog for all the recent news, events, tournament results and seminars. We hope you enjoy the new look and content for the official IKGA website and will return often.