Wednesday, November 11, 2015

IKGA South America - 40th Anniversary Seminar

IKGA South American Bloc - 40th Anniversary Seminar in Cali, Colombia
In 2015 IKGA South America commemorates their 40th anniversary as a Bloc in IKGA. To celebrate, members from IKGA Colombia hosted a South American Bloc seminar in Cali, Colombia from September 7th - September 11th. Instruction was led by Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, Hideki Wakasugi Shihan from Japan, and the senior instructors of the South American Bloc.

Delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay participated, with Venezuela regretfully unable to attend due to problems in the country. Colombia was fortunate to welcome honoured guests from the North American Bloc as members from Canada were also able to attend.

The seminar for all members took place over the course of 4 days beginning with a welcome party. The general seminar ran from September 7 - 10, and was then followed by a special class in the Colombian Hombu on September 11th for all Shihans.

Some highlights of the time in Cali included celebrating IKGA Chile's Shibucho, Kyoshi Carlos Gonzalez's birthday one day after training, as well as a Congress of the South American Bloc, where Donna Gardecki Shihan of Canada presented information about the upcoming IKGA World Championships to be held in Canada in 2017.

Most notably, the President of the South American Bloc, Gonzalo Ramirez-Ortiz Shihan was promoted to Hachidan (8th Dan), Kyoshi. He was also appointed as a Vice-President of IKGA. Both advancements represent a fantastic achievement.

To wrap up the week, everything concluded with a farewell party.

Please enjoy some photos from this historical event.