Friday, September 6, 2013

IKGA Australia 50th Anniversary Seminar

IKGA Australia recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary. Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, as well as IKGA Vice Presidents Ingo DeJong Hanshi and Paul Starling Kyoshi joined Australia's Shibucho Brian Mackie Kyoshi and members of IKGA Australia for their celebration and seminar. A few pictures of this momentous event have been posted in the gallery.

Congratulations to all members of IKGA Australia, and all the best as you go forward into the next 50 years!
Congratulations IKGA Australia on your 50th Anniversary!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

IKGA News - August 2014

The various countries in IKGA Asia Bloc are continuing their preparations for the the upcoming World Championships in Mumbai, India in December. A number of IKGA countries' members have visited Japan this summer, including members from Macau, China, and Thailand.

Members from IKGA Indonesia plan to make a week-long trip to the Hombu in September. Our new members in Bangladesh have received books and DVDs to help their preparations for December. It should be an exciting event in India!