Tuesday, July 9, 2013

IKGA News - July 2013

It is a busy season for Karate in Japan, and likewise, Hombu is also quite busy over the summer months. International visitors were in Japan during the last two weeks of May. Vispy Kapadia Shihan and members of IKGA India were at Hombu between May 18th and June 3rd for training. Several meetings about the World Championships in December were conducted and since Peter Brandon Hanshi was also in Japan during this time for other IKGA business he was able to help during some of our discussions.

Saiko Shihan has a very busy summer schedule ahead of him. In addition to a full domestic schedule, he also has two important trips abroad planned. He will be at the European Seminar in July, and then later will also be going to Australia in August for their 50th anniversary of IKGA membership.

Everyone in Japan is preparing for the JKGA All Japan Championships which will be held on August 24th. This year's tournament is special as it marks the 60th Memorial of Chojun Miyagi Sensei’s (Goju Ryu's Founder) passing.

We are also getting our members ready for the World Championships. This event will also mark Miyagi Sensei’s 60th Memorial so Saiko Shihan hopes as many people as possible participate. So far it looks like this will be a large and very prestigious event, but still there has been no response from several countries. With the hope that as many countries and as many participants as possible can participate, regardless of the size, Saiko Shihan hopes every country can send someone to India to take part.