Saturday, June 15, 2013

IKGA Canada 30th anniversary

On this occasion, the 30th Anniversary of the incorporation of International Karatedo Gojukai Association Canada, I am reflecting on the past.  Gojukai Karatedo first came to Canada with Yoshio Yamashita in 1976.  Sensei Yamashita had moved to Edmonton, and started teaching karate in that year.  So Gojukai Canada has roots several years before the Association was formally registered (in 1983) with the federal government as a not-for-profit Association.  The incorporation had just been completed, when I was asked to write the first bylaw and regulations.  Over the years, IKGA Canada has grown from one dojo to many, from a few students to many.  It is my privilege to have been involved in this growth.

I extend my thanks to all instructors past and present who contributed to the growth of the Gojukai in Canada.

On this occasion, I am also thinking of the future.  It is my belief that an Association is only as strong as its members, so I offer my encouragement to everyone to train yourselves correctly and treat others with courtesy.  There is a principle that disciplines of body and mind will change character, and it is thus important to choose a good ethical discipline.  I believe Gojukai Karatedo is one such discipline.

I am especially thankful to my sensei for putting my feet on a path that has become more and more interesting as the years pass.  Now I am in a position to help others stay on the path of Yamaguchi Gojuryu and the Gojukai.  With the guidance oSaiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, let’s all work together for an excellent future.

John Priegert
Shibucho, IKGA Canada